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About Us. Global Crypto Enthusiast brings to you the latest updates on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, decentralized applications, the internet of finance and the next gen web! We take great pride in the fact that we are a non-funded organisation and confident to have a potential growth.

We are a team of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency bloggers. This website will update you on the latest happenings in the industry. We are as much passionate about this technology as you are! Likewise, it is increasingly important to educate oneself in and be aware of new financial and technological innovations. Global Crypto Enthusiast welcomes you. We also provide information about new products, services, and companies, as well as safe and reliable ways to acquire cryptocurrencies(sometimes for free).

What We Do?

First of all, we collect the news and updates from various sources and bring them to you! Most importantly, we make the understanding of the industry much easier than any other sources! Furthermore, we have only one purpose – To introduce cryptocurrency and blockchain to non – geek people. Cryptocurrency and  blockchain are not understandable because of technical terms and jargons are associated with them. Besides that, it is a problem for most of the readers who are not technical enough!


We do our very best to be one of the most trusted names in cryptocurrency news. Part of that is being ethical. We do not spam or submit our own links on social media (we do post them to our own Twitter/Facebook accounts, as you would expect), we don’t buy Twitter followers, and we don’t write for the sake of getting page views. We write about cryptocurrency news because we love it. Simple as that.


The information provided on this website does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the website’s content as such. Global Crypto Enthusiast does not recommend that any cryptocurrency, game or token should be bought, sold or held by you and nothing on this website should be taken as an offer to buy, sell or hold a cryptocurrency, token, game or anything similar. Do conduct your own due diligence and consult your financial advisory before making any investment decision.

Accuracy of information

Global Crypto Enthusiast will strive to ensure accuracy of information listed on this website although it will not hold any responsibility for any missing or wrong information. You should understand that you are using any and all information available here AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Price Risk

The price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are highly volatile. It is common for prices to increase or decrease by 20 – 100% in some coins in a single day. Although this could mean the potential for huge profits, this also means the potential for huge losses. DO NOT INVEST ALL YOUR MONEY IN CRYPTOCURRENCIES.

We want this site to work for you – please send us your comments and suggestions! For more queries get in touch with us:



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